Owning and operating your very own business can be a dream come true endeavor for most individuals who get involved in such an ordeal. However, money can become an issue as it takes quite a bit of capital to get started and if you do not already have it then what are you supposed to do? The answer to that is quite simply a small business startup loan. A startup business loan is basically just money lent to you to help start or operate your business, but like every loan, you will have to pay it back.


So now that you have been informed on the existence of small business startup loan, how do you choose a small business startup loan? A lot of the times, a small business startup loan can be extremely difficult to obtain, mainly because banks do not want to take a risk of lending money to a person who shows no potential. Most businesses fail within a couple of years, and banks recognize that fact meaning that any person seeking a startup loan will be considered a risk. A lot of time, patience, effort and determination will be required to obtain a small business startup loan.


After you have put together a pretty solid business plan, the two main places to go to obtain a small business startup loan would be banks and credit unions. These two places usually always offer small business startup loans, but they can sometimes be tremendously difficult to obtain. One reason why it can be difficult is because your business plan has to be pretty much flawless. Any flaw that shows up in your business plan will be found and questioned by a financial expert at the bank; most likely your application for a loan will be denied. It can sometimes take many attempts and revisions until you get approved (if you get approved). Another thing that banks and credit unions look at is your credit rating; if you do not have an exceptionally good credit rating then most financial institutions will deny you.


Another place to look that is a little less demanding would be friends, family or anybody who is willing to invest in your business. You will have to do a lot of convincing, and you will have to be real close to them for them to want to invest in your business. If they decide not to invest, that does not mean they are not your friends, it simply means they cannot or do not want too. Your family may be more apt to do it because they have known you your whole life and know what you are capable of, although they may prove to yield a negative effect towards your aspirations. The easiest way of gaining some capital is to just pitch yourself to as many different people as possible in hopes that your pitch will convince them to become investors in your business.


Listed above are potential resources that you can utilize in your quest to obtain a small business startup loan. The most professional way would obviously be through banks and credit unions, but they are also the toughest to get through to and if you have a poor credit rating then that will only worsen your chances. Friends and families are a little less demanding and skeptical while random people may be the easiest because they do not know you. If you can pitch yourself well enough and you have a solid business plan then you should not have to tough of a time finding a small business startup loan. Regardless of how you try to obtain the loan, remember to never lose hope and to keep trying.


If you still have some doubts then consult with Oleksiy Nesterenko.
Oleksiy Nesterenko is a seasoned finance and business development professional, offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.

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Any small business would really feel the struggle on the first few years of operation. In fact almost half of the entrepreneurs who put up their business all at the same time decided to give up because they can no longer cope with the hardship of maintaining their small business. This is actually very discouraging news especially for someone who's planning to form his own commercial enterprise. So, the feeling whether or not to pursue their dreams of managing their own business is still on the drawing board.


However, part of your business management is your frustration to come up with a good business development plan that will help you with your sales process. Your consideration of finding a reliable small business development center is already on top of your list, but getting one is also giving you a hard time. You're just starting to become a business owner so the probability of knowing all the business management mechanics is not yet totally inside your system. Anyway, for every small-scale business, there's always a way to make your business profitable. One effective way to have a successful business sales process is to include a digital marketing platform in your business development plan.


If you will pursue a digital marketing platform like the SEO Adelaide, you need to consider your marketing budget to go on with your business development plan you know it's not for free to hire someone to do digital marketing for your business not unless yourself is already an expert. So, if you're on a tight budget but still want to have the advantage to have a successful sales process, here are a few points discussed by Oleksiy Nesterenko to ponder:


Stop wasting time doing the things that is not your expertise - It's not really advisable to work on things that you don't really know. Like for instance, if you're not familiar with SEO Adelaide digital marketing platform and you still need to learn how things work with SEO sales process then stop wasting time. Better find a digital platform that you know you can nail it even you don't give too much of attention.


Create a campaign that will make your consumer special - If you want a repeating costumer find a way to make them special. You can create a product campaign that will draw your customer back to your store. Each time they come in to buy your product, why not try to include a simple freebie like the next time they visit to avail one of your product they will automatically have a 5 percent discount. This simple campaign can win your customer's heart without doubt because people love discount and freebies.


Show appreciation - Another best way to win your customer's heart is to show them appreciation each time they make a purchase of your product. A simple thank you note attached on your item along with the payment receipt is a good strategy to make your customer comfortable and happy with the service.


Oleksiy Nesterenko has years of experience in providing business development consulting services. For the best business development strategies and business management consultancy you can contact him at Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consultancy. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance developed superior analytical and financial modelling expertise, improved effective interpersonal and project management proficiency, and enhanced business acumen and management capabilities

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To become a competent Business Analyst it is important to undergo proper training which will enhance your knowledge and provide you with the much needed knowledge to stand firmly even in tough situations. Attending seminars/workshops in BA Body of Knowledge (Business Analysis) providing in depth knowledge on how to address the needs and demands of a business can help you lot. Often organizations have to deal with complicated projects which need to be analyzed first and then carried out. This will eliminate the possibility of project failures or disasters. Business Analysis is another name for scrutinizing tasks and improving operations by making them effective.


The most indispensable element in your planning however, is acquiring real-world business analysis skills and experience which can be acquired by going for Business Analysis Training. This will give you an edge and help you hit the ground running when you snag that new business analyst job. How do you acquire real business analyst skills? Find an effective training program that will help you learn, understand, retain and apply business analysis along with getting BA Certification. Avail best possible training in Business Analysis imparting effective skills which will not only impact the Business Scenario by teaching new methodologies but also will help in enhancing your BA Competency amongst professionals. An effective training program will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace from beginner to advanced level analysis, in a natural and productive manner.


This type of training program includes a mentoring/coaching option, should focus on skill building and provide practical training modules. Analytical skills are important for a business rules analyst to discover, capture, and express business rules in simple. Business Analysis is the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization, and recommend solutions that enables the organization to achieve its goals. To understand the structure and the dynamics of the organization in which a system is to be deployed and to understand current problems in the target organization and identify improvement potentials it is imperative to provide cross cutting training to your BA cadre to ensure that the customer, end user, and developers have a common understanding of the target organization.


Oleksiy Nesterenko a finance and business development professional can help you with your business planning issues and give you the right advice to make the perfect decision. Oleksiy assists entrepreneurs and early stage companies to cope with various challenges in their businesses, and have a reputation for providing candid, business valuation and analysis, well-thought-out, and effective solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of complexity.

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Ensuring that a business is set up for success require a strong foundation. A foundation that consists of Financial Management. This financial pillar focuses on how to manage your cash flow, budgeting and forecasting. Record keeping is all about the actual happening while the Management is about predicting when things will occur in order for you to have income and expenses to record. It's all about effectively managing when and how monies flow into and out of your business. You need not only control your cash flow but also have the fortitude to be fiscally responsible no matter the circumstance.


This is what makes this pillar the hardest one. You have to be able to have control over your cash to ensure that the business stays open and afloat. Some key control factors over your cash are:

  • Not paying bills as they come in the door because it will deplete your cash and leave you in a bind when you need cash
  • Staying on top of your customers and ensuring they pay you on time so you can figuratively and literally keep the lights on
  • Having processes in place that ensure that your cash and other assets are not misappropriated by employees and other management members


Once these controls are in place, it's time to create a budget for your business. Your budget is where you will predict which months monies will come in the door based on your goals and the strategies you develop on how to reach them. From there you will begin to forecast. Forecasting is a combination of taking your budget and your actual and projecting forward whether or not you will still reach those goals once you factor in the sales and purchases that have occurred as of a certain date in the year. The result of this forecast helps you see how your cash flow is trending and whether or not you need to make some changes in your strategic planning.


Understanding how your company is trending will give you the insight you need to run your business. It's not just about your profit and loss, as so many business owners think. You need to understand the effect of the decisions you make, and how they play into the numbers of your business. It's about making those tough decisions and being okay with the outcome.


Monitoring your metrics and having a sound financial management system is necessary if you really want to move the needle in your business.


Oleksiy Nesterenko owns an advisory firm in Los Angeles which helps in business planning issues and other financial issues. For years, Oleksiy Nesterenko has been assisting entrepreneurs and early stage companies to cope with various challenges in their businesses, and have a reputation for providing candid, well-thought-out, and effective solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of complexity.


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Behind a successful organization, there is always a winning team of employees working together for the good of the company harmoniously. Sometimes it takes much more than just employing their skills and hoping that somehow they will figure out how to work things out together as a unit for the betterment of the organization. In house training and the use of development programs can go a long way in fetching the very best from the employees.


Luckily, most employers know the importance of this kind of training for the employees at different levels of authority within the company. They make sure that they get the appropriate training on a regular basis to keep productivity and motivation higher. There are corporate consultants that offer comprehensive training to organizations and touch on different sections that influence what matters the most to any organization's growth. The consultants have the experience needed in training and coming up with programs that meet with specific company needs and can prove to be very important to your company in a number of ways.


  1. The corporate training helps employees work together to achieve success for the organization despite their competing cultures, varying assumptions and personalities. Remember that backgrounds and personalities can bring in conflicts in the working area because people look at issues from different perspectives. Corporate training tries to bridge the gap between one employee and another to create a better understanding of each other thus promoting harmonious working beyond the differences.
  2. Corporate training comes in handy in helping you develop the best customer service skills. The fact is that any business really relies on its customers or clients. Without them there are no chances of making progress and for this reason you need to find the best ways of handling your customers and valuing them for what they are to you. The training will help your organization develop excellent customer service to attract and also maintain customers that are your company's greatest assets.
  3. Through this kind of training, you can have your employees trained in their specific organization duties so that they can easily meet with the demands of the market. Remember that different sectors are ever changing and you want your employees to be up to date with the latest trends and approaches in their areas to keep them competitive. Without proper employee training and development on a regular basis, your company risks being stuck in the past which can greatly make it lose to market competition.
  4. Most companies make the mistake of trying to hire leaders from outside to help the company grow. However, it would be better to hire your leaders from within the company as opposed to hiring them directly to the positions from outside. Corporate development programs can help you nurture the best leaders from within for the success of your organization.
  5. This kind of training for working professionals also comes in handy in helping with changed management and market innovation to ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition. When you are able to embrace change and innovate, then your future can only flourish.


Oleksiy Nesterenko owns an advisory firm in Los Angeles which help in business planning issues and give the right advice to make the perfect decision. Large number of businesses does not succeed simply because they fail to plan. Oleksiy Nesterenko helps them identify market opportunities, reduce risk, and develop a roadmap for business, based on financial and economic analysis.
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Startup ideas initiate after looking for problems, and preferably problems people have themselves. These are actually what the founder themselves wish for, what they themselves can build, and what few others realize are worth doing. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo are all tends to begin this way.


Venture capitalists, mainly in Silicon Valley, would like to make out startups of the rarest kind; startups with a shot of becoming the next Facebook, Apple, or Google. These ideas are audacious, crazy, or stupid trying to create a market where none existed.


Here is a rundown of five wilder startups explained by Oleksiy Nesterenko that had their legs firmly planted on the ground.



Xiaomi, the world's third-largest smartphone producer, is founded in China in 2010. It has ventured beyond smartphones into other consumer and smart home gadgets. Xiaomi doesn't believe in earning profit by sales of phones yet rather, it relies on purely online distribution while others send their merchandise to physical retail locations. It uses Android and relies on its users heavily for feedback. It plans to make money from e-commerce and services.


Why did it work?

  • The blend of these practices drove its item cost down.
  • Gathering and executing user feedback drives up user loyalty.
  • It spares money from warehousing and empowers brisk changes to its products.
  • The users are flattered for their suggestions made into the product, which transforms them into fans and evangelists.
  • Next to Apple, Xiaomi is one of the few consumer electronics companies with as devoted a following.



With the growing trend of e-commerce, Flipkart has to triumph the spot of the largest e-commerce site. Former Amazon employees Sachin and Binny Bansal have started it in 2007 which has owned the valuation of US$11 billion now. The idea embarks on the time when India lacked delivery communications for e-commerce and the people weren't familiar with online shopping or offline retail.


Why did it work?

  • It focuses on a category that had low start-up costs.
  • It earns the trust of consumers over online shopping with the development of cash on the delivery payment system.
  • Development of its own supply chain management system for delivering goods on time.
  • Flipkart offered huge discounts on its items studying price sensitive nature of Indian consumers.
  • It grants a wider range of goods than ever.



Slack was founded by Stewart Butterfield, who initiated Flickr- a photo sharing site. It is an office communication chat tool that was launched in August 2013 with more than 30,000 teams using it. Slack wants to replace the office email by integrating office communication and work documents and be the one app that is used all the time in the office.


Why did it work?

  • It puts together all the major enterprise apps like Google Apps, Dropbox, Zebdux, GitHub, Heroku, and more.
  • Slack has a search feature that allows accessing your document data and history instantly and maintaining track of what you do on these services.
  • Chat is the Trojan horse; this app has got a hot start, and its future seems bright.



Razer is a US company founded in 1998 that builds consumer electronics for gamers with the value of US$1 billion. Razer has recently launched its own smart wristband, the Nabu. It builds gaming mice, keyboards, and laptops and believes in building a hardware company just by servicing gamers. The core business stuck to investing in the PC despite the stagnation and decline of the platform.


Why did it work?

  • Gaming has blown up and become mainstream, growing four times in the US from 1889 to 2008
  • Razer looks as if it is prophetic by building niche products almost before that niche existed.
  • Amazon has acquired a site named Twitch that streams video games as they are being played for almost a billion US dollars.
  • Tight integrations between hardware and software have resulted in possessing 30% of the gaming mice and keyword market.



Uber is the largely demanded transportation company in the world with a value of US$40 billion. For drivers, it offers an upgraded approach to picking up passengers and earns income. For passengers, it conveys a ride to your doorstep which they can order from the app. Cash exchange and all other transactions are handled by Uber's system in the background. Uber believes the smartphone can become the prevailing way people get a ride that offers an army of private drivers which can be the complement or even replace the taxi industry.


Why did it work?

  • Silicon Valley elites first took off the app with the premium Uber Black service that tends to focus on making users look and yet too convenient.
  • Drivers can easily find the passenger as the smartphone detects the user's location.
  • Payment is flawless and the app automatically deducts from the credit card.
  • Ordering a ride is just a couple of button presses away.



Startups are the voyage on a mysterious pathway, and entrepreneur's visionaries being mollified and reliable on this path. So as to craft the startup fruitful mix of précised vision, speed, social skills, budget management skills, determination, capability to adjust challenges and fundraising quality is required. If you do not have these set of skills, you cannot make your startup a winning endeavor.

It's obvious to face hurdles, vulnerability, and numerous challenges in the way to success, however, to make a raw plan successful one need to buckle down till sought target is accomplished.


Looking for someone who can help you in funding issues for your startup then contact Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance; a startup consulting firm that provides the needed financial and strategic insight to enable businesses to thrive. The firm is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions


Knowledge of how to finance an acquisition is the key. Most companies when financing acquisitions fail to critically assess the financing risk and the overall business risk of making the acquisition. How could this be? Why does this happen? It happens to businesses because they often fall into the trap of failing to appreciate the root causes of their success. If they have grown successfully for a long period of time, management may get complacent and feel as if they have the Midas touch. Most companies need an outside advisor with specific expertise on financing acquisitions as part of their inner circle. Advisors like Oleksiy Nesterenko bring knowledge and a different perspective to the table. And can objectively assess the pros and cons of the acquisition.


Will it make the core business stronger, will it provide entry into new markets and will it provide new products? These baseline questions must be answered and an outsider, working with the senior management, is best equipped to do this. Financing risk means looking at how the current business will be affected by paying the price for this business- the level of cash flow impact on the current business. If the price is low, there may be little impact. If the price is large, the impact could be significant. The way to mitigate financing risk is to find the right capital structure for financing acquisitions. Low price, low risk deals can be handled with a bank loan. Most of these deals may be at asset value so a bank is a good low cost financing route. High price deals require non-bank alternatives such as finance companies, mezzanine lenders or equity investors. A big mistake frequently made is when a company tries to do a high price acquisition with only a bank loan. Bank loans usually have short terms and need rapid principal payment. The need to satisfy the bank payments means the acquisition must perform in line with budget. If it underperforms, the company could have cash flow problems and can quickly erode its working capital and become illiquid.


It is always best to have a long term source of capital when financing acquisitions because it puts less pressure on the acquired business to perform. Acquisitions always take longer than you think to become successful. They need time and nurturing. The more time and management resources are invested, the more successful the acquisition is likely to be.


Financing acquisitions involves drawing up a blue print like an architect. You have to lay a foundation that will be sturdy and weight bearing as the remaining structure is built on top of it. The best capital foundations are a combination of a variety of elements. These include - 1. Abundance of Capital; 2. Flexibility of Capital; and 3. Patience of Capital. Above all, these three variables are true. To figure this out, an expert should be consulted who can translate your situation into these three variables. If this is done properly, you will have a successful acquisition financing as well as a big increase in the overall value of the Company.


OLEKSIY NESTERENKO STARTUP FINANCE provides the needed financial and strategic insight that enables businesses to thrive. Whether you are planning to grow through acquisitions or contemplating an exit, M&A transactions need to be properly management Oleksiy Nesterenko will spearhead and oversee all the necessary processes from due diligence to signing.
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Every startup needs a sound business plan to set the ball of investment rolling. However, the planning landscape is littered with pitfalls and beginner entrepreneurs are most likely to stumble over some of the common mistakes.

Following are five of the frequent, yet easily avoidable, blunders explained by Oleksiy Nesterenko a startup consultant that can diminish the impact and value of a business plan:


  1. Not defining things right at the start - A business plan has to make a strong impact right from the word go. The executive summary is the strongest weapon in your arsenal for grabbing the investors' attention and getting them hooked on to the business proposal. Avoid long-winded stories and use the space to pitch yourself, the product and what the business will do in clear terms. The ultimate goal is to present your idea, objectives, growth potential and funding needed in a concise and convincing manner.
  2. Not getting the facts right - It goes without saying that the business plan should be backed by latest market data and research. You cannot afford to make vague or unrealistic assumptions. Some people even resort to copying outdated or irrelevant data from reports or the internet. However, savvy investors check the numbers against industry data before making an investment decision. Well-researched market statistics (such as market size, customer habits, motivations, past sales, etc) is what will give a solid base to the business plan.
  3. Not laying out the finances: The ultimate goal of a business plan is to raise capital. Unfortunately, first-time entrepreneurs often end up glossing over the crucial subject of finances. The investors want a clear picture of everything right from the amount of funds needed and how/when it will be paid back to details such as product pricing, sales growth, profit potential, cash flow operating expenses, break-even points and everything in between. Charts, tables and other illustrations of projections and forecasts will convey a clear understanding of the finances and sway the investors in the right direction.
  4. Wrong style of writing - It is very tempting to indulge in superlatives when writing a business plan. In fact, top consultants belie that most business plans are littered with "best", "greatest", "peerless", "no risks at all" and so on. Even using too many business phrases can sound quite trite or even get confusing. What you actually need is simple, crisp, clear and specific writing. It should sound formal, confident and authoritative as you lay out the facts and expectations.
  5. Sloppy presentation - The business plan not only has to read well but also look good. Think about it - can you afford to turn in loose sheets of paper in a minuscule font or without page numbers or no headings? A properly formatted and professionally printed document with margins, labels, headings and page numbers will show that you have spent time and effort over the business plan and the outcome really matters to you.


Given the scope of mistakes messing your path, wouldn't it be better to seek the professional help of a business plan consultant? And if you need any advice then Oleksiy Nesterenko is the best choice.


Oleksiy Nesterenko is a business plan and business startup consultant in Los Angeles, CA. He offers different business advisory services like business consulting services , business advisory services, CFO Service , business valuation services, debt advisory services and many more services.


If you are planning to launch your startup in sometime, you would be wondering about crowdfunding. What is it all about? To be clear and precise, crowdfunding is all about sourcing important funds through the means of other people. It is a kind of collecting donations from a number of people or from special groups and organizations to carry out certain planned activities of a new startup company. While there are some risks involved in this, the process of collecting funds from a number of sources will be of great help. Here is a look at the importance of crowdfunding by Oleksiy Nesterenko for the startup companies. The crowdfunding platforms will help you to pool enough funds for resources and activities.


One of the most important things for your startup to click is to have enough traction. This means that there should be enough buzz publicly about all your products and services. This can be done if a large number of parties are throwing in big bucks. Usually, crowdfunding begins by certain groups and individuals parting with their donations to fund the business startup procedure. Later, if there is enough publicity about your goods and services, more investors will be encouraged to invest in your startup as well. This is how you can spread enough awareness among the potential investors for your new business enterprise. Therefore, sufficient traction can be created with the aid of crowdfunding.


Generating Trust
Trust matters a lot when it comes to investment. More than just a personal trust or conviction, potential investors need to be coaxed and convinced that there is some real value or credibility in your products and services. This can be done by doing trade-offs and sales of the products within the group of people from whom you will be sourcing most of your funds. The trust and credibility would further egg other investors to put in their bets as well and make a lot of money out of creative ideas and products. Therefore, you need to make use of crowdfunding platforms to generate the required trust and faith so that investors now decide to invest in the new business activities. This is important.


Press Publicity
The moment your crowdfunding process clicks, you can expect that press will give it the first page coverage. This means that when certain big people like industrialists will start pooling money into your business ventures, The publicity means that there will be a time when some big venture capital funds eventually contact you so as to help you out. This is also another great accomplishment and it comes mainly from the press publicity and coverage that you would get it from more investors investing in your startup. Thus, you will be able to make the money of your life by selling out your venture to the VCs. This is how the crowdfunding procedures help you with the task of spreading word.


Marketing Efforts
Once you have enough investors, you have enough money. And you will be able to put in all the funds available for marketing campaigns. You will be able to grab more attention by tapping the segment of customers who would need your products and services. As a consequence, you will be further building a base of customers as well as new potential investors. Other than that, you will also be able to enter into new fields of activities and cater to other segments of customers. In fact, this also enables you to use innovative technologies and tools for running your promotional campaigns and programs. Therefore, this is just one way in which crowdfunding platform can help you out.


Consult Oleksiy Nesterenko Starup Finance a startup consultancy to hold your hand as you enter into this new world of success and achievement. The firm advises you and assists you every step of the way. Mr. Nesterenko will get you up on your feet and operating in the most effective way, as soon as possible. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance and Consulting Services is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions.

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When you are floating your startup company, the first task you must undertake is to value it because investors may want to know the worth of the company. But determining the value of your company is difficult because being a startup, it has no track-records, assets or revenues. Hence, it is better to consult with professionals like OLEKSIY NESTERENKO because these experts know that you have to raise funds to run your company only based on their valuation. 

Unfortunately, investors may not think the same way as you do. They may undervalue your company while your company may be worth more. In this context, you must compare your startup with similar companies in the same field and in the same location. This will help you determine the right value of your startup. You may be an expert in your field but since you may lack expertise in comparing the worth of your company with other similar companies, it is better you seek the help of professionals like OLEKSIY NESTERENKO. 

Further, forecasting the revenues of your startup company is also a challenging task. As financial experts often say, a company is not worthy of anything till it is profitable. But being a startup, you may have to undertake a long journey before you make profit. In other words, focusing on the future is the only way to know the worth of your startup. Factors like the quality of the team you have put in place for managing your company, the likelihood of achieving success, etc. must be considered for forecasting the revenues you may be able to generate.

Remember, there is a danger in over-valuing your company because it may induce investors to have high expectations. You may have to slog to deliver on their expectations. Especially, if you make faulty assumptions and commit the mistake of over-valuing your company, it may be impossible for you to deliver on your promises. That is why professionals like OLEKSIY NESTERENKO Startup Finance make it a point to value startups like yours in the right manner. 

There are a few methods for valuing a startup. You have the Venture Capital Method that makes use of details like the rate of return expected at exit for valuing a startup. 

The second one is known as the Berkus Method and in this, dollar values are attributed to the progress made by the startups in their activities including commercialization activities. You also have the Scorecard Valuation Method and the Risk Factor Summation Method. Professionals like OLEKSIY NESTERENKO possess the technical expertise to adopt the right method for valuing your startup company and hence, you are advised to entrust the task to such experts.

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Change occurs in our lives, our homes and our businesses whether we like it or not. And, in order to be successful, especially in business, we need to be able to adapt to that change and use it to our advantage rather than having it become a downfall. Of course, successful adaptation doesn't just happen overnight. It happens through careful planning and organization. In other words, it happens through organizational change management.

When properly implemented, organizational change management makes it possible for the company to get an idea of where they are headed and gives them the knowledge necessary to implement the right changes at the right time. This is helpful because an end goal or final destination on the horizon makes it easier for employees to make adjustments and understand why certain changes need to take place. As a result, it is much more effective and easy to cope with than an unplanned and unorganized system which typically does more harm than good. 


If you're a businessman looking to implement some changes or adapt to some changes in your business than it's not a bad idea to hire an organizational change management team or business consultant as Oleksiy Nesterenko. A good team will be able to implement the changes with very little disruption to the flow of the business, and it will be done in a timely manner. 

They will also work with you on other things. They'll help you with future planning, working with you to get an idea of where you want the business to be in the future, and what key elements will get you there. They will, of course, create a strategy to implement the change. This strategy should be cost-effective and meet with your approval. Since you will need the change to continue after they are gone, you will need a team who is willing and able to create a leadership framework. This framework should be trained implementing and sustaining the changes. A good team will work closely with you, getting your input on the changes you desire and coming up with future projections for those changes, such as how they will affect your company, yourself, and your employees. 


It takes time and energy to help a business adapt to current economic and business situations, but the time is worth it. Your organizational change management team will make this adaptation easier on you and it will be done in a timely, efficient manner. Just remember, your business is an investment and as such you want to give it as great a chance as possible at success.


Ask Oleksiy Nesterenko for all your new venture issues. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance and Consulting Services is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions.

Specialties: Startups, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, business plan development, business valuation and analysis, capital raising, corporate development, M&A, acquisition tactics and strategy, and emerging markets expertise.

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7. It Is All Dependent on Hard Work. Hard work is an absolutely necessary, but not sufficient, condition for starting and growing a business. It is the given, but without a solid business plan and compelling value proposition for customers and partners, all of the hard work in the world will be for naught. The world is filled with over-worked, over-stressed, and not terrible successful small business people who struggle not because of lack of appropriate effort, but rather for lack of appropriate planning. 

6. If Your Product or Service is compelling Enough, Customers Will Beat a Path to your Door. Unless you are building a business based upon intellectual property and/or technology that provides and creates such a competitive advantage and compelling customer value proposition, the early success of your business will be based as much on your ability to market and sell your product and service as it will on the product or service offering itself. Remember: in a capitalistic marketplace there is NO distinction between value and perceived value.

5. If Your Product or Service is compelling Enough, Investors Will Beat a Path to your Door. Those that identify themselves as prospective investors in earlier-stage, small companies are mostly INUNDATED with investment opportunities. As such, no matter how good and unique your business opportunity, there is always a strong, initial prejudice AGAINST investment that needs to be overcome.

4. It Is All About You. The myth of the charismatic, "do and be everything" entrepreneur is just that -- a myth. Any and all companies of value are great teams much more than they are the by-product of a highly talented individual. The best entrepreneurs and business leaders inspire the mission, values and philosophy of a company by their own example. This inspiration is then communicated to all of the business' stakeholders -- employees, customers, investors, partners, vendors, and its wider community.

3. The Government Is Your Friend. We are constantly astounded by the regulatory and paperwork maze that a startup company needs to negotiate and constantly monitor to both start and maintain a business. It is a significant time, money, and energy drain that detracts from the main value creation intent of a new business. Our best advice in this regard -- as resources are available -- is to find competent legal and accounting counsel, to both advise upon and outsource the regulatory burden, so you can focus on business-building.

2. The Government Is Your Enemy. Having said the above, in the mixed economy in which we live, government revenue opportunities, on a local, state, federal, and international level, have never been greater for small business. While slow, meandering, and confusing to approach, governments have much to recommend them as clients and customers, not the least of which is that once sold, government clients pay well and are not bad debt risks. A somewhat trite but very important credo to remember when selling to governments, even more so than in business, is that "it is not as much what you know but who you know."

1. It Is Only Worth Doing If You Become the Next Google. The vast majority of small businesses will always remain just that -- small businesses. The odds of starting a business and have it become the next Google or a publicly-traded company are very, very small. While we would never discourage entrepreneurs for aiming for the stars, it is also important to have success metrics grounded in probability. An expectation of a minimum of 2years of very, very hard work with little financial return but with a lot of learning (and some fun hopefully as well) involved is a good starting point. From this first milestone, then and only then should there start to be an expectation of significant wealth-building. Find that balance between the long term vision and the Monday morning action plan -- and success, while not guaranteed, is very likely.


Oleksiy Nesterenko is a professional startup consultant offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A. Allow Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consulting to hold your hand as you enter into this new world of success and achievement. Allow him to advise you and to assist you every step of the way.

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While it is true that an astute entrepreneur can be successful in just about any type of business, that doesn't excuse any owner from mastering the details of the venture's operations. The operations are what exactly the business does -- restaurants cook and serve specific types of food, consultants help businesses improve a specific area, retail stores sell specific lines of product -- and how that work gets done. Clearly understanding the day-to-day operations is critical to leading any business to success.

Obviously, different types of businesses have very different operations. In similar types of businesses, such as restaurants, clothing stores, dog training outfits, or whatever, the top level of operations tend to be very similar, such that the basic route of product development to delivery are pretty much the same. Hence, it makes sense to hire managers and employees with experience within the same industry, even if that experience is not exact. Still, within any industry, the details of operations can vary widely. That is, the general work to be done may be very similar, but how the work gets done can be very different from business to business.


The details of operations can be the factor that sets one business apart from another. Entrepreneurial innovation isn't always inventing the latest hi-tech gadget. In fact, most innovation occurs in the operations of common business. For example, video rental has been around for several decades, but Netflix changed the way the product is delivered dramatically...and is overwhelmingly successful because of it. Entrepreneurs pushed distributors to develop just-in-time options for ordering and delivering inventory and are generally at the forefront of improving efficiency and productivity in all industries. But those innovations cannot occur unless the person in charge understands the ins and outs of the standard operations of their industry and business.


Aside from years of experience in an industry, the best way to understand the operations is to actually do the job, even for a little while. In some cases, working a short time in a similar business coupled with a good amount of research is enough. If there is not enough time (or opportunity) to actually work in the field your startup is in, the next best option is to hire an expert. Use networking contacts to gather referrals, whether for employees or consultants, to help you establish the operations portion of your business. Of course, it is never a good idea to completely hand over any portion of your business to an outsider, so it may be beneficial to bring on an expert as a partner.


Oleksiy Nesterenko says that if working with a partner is not in your plans, you will need to work your startup budget to include the expertise you will need to master the operations. Whether you choose to hire a permanent employee or a temporary consultant, the critical factor is that you take the time to learn the operations yourself. Then, use your knowledge (and your expert) to develop comprehensive SOPs -- Standard Operating Procedures -- that will be followed by everyone in the company. Once the SOPs are developed and functional, it is far easier to identify opportunities for increased efficiency in each step of the business process.


Developing SOPs early in the life of your venture will also establish a key point in successful cultures -- that there is a right way to do things and everyone is expected to work the same way. You can hire the professionals like Oleksiy Nesterenko for your business development too. In addition, it is important to allow employees the opportunity to contribute ideas for improving efficiency, as well as a process for evaluating, and perhaps testing, those ideas. Creating a culture of attention to the details of operations is important to the success of any small business, and failure to acknowledge the importance of operations is a sure road to business failure.


Knowing the operations is an absolute necessity for most entrepreneurs. Relying solely on an experienced employee is dangerous -- what happens when they quit? Unless the expert is a full partner in the day-to-day of the business, you will need to put in the time and effort to master whatever it is your venture does. And, formalizing the operations into SOPs will create consistency and commitment in the company culture. From there, every bit of improved efficiency goes directly to the bottom line, but the only way to make the right decisions is to understand your business's operations, inside and out.


Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consultancy can help you if you are looking for someone to guide and assist you in your startup development. Mr Nesterenko is offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.

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As an entrepreneur and a CEO who owns a SaaS startup, you may face certain challenges right from valuation till you begin serving your customers and think of moving on to the next levels. Let us have a look.

1. Valuation

You have to put a value on your startup for raising funds. Likewise, investors must also put a value on the investments they are ready to make. But valuation at the startup stage is more about the growth potential of your company than about its current value in monetary terms. You must seek the help of experts like OLEKSIY NESTERENKO for determining the value of your startup.

2. Pre-money Vs. post money

While pre-money valuation reflects the value of a company prior to receiving external financing, post-money valuation reflects the value after receipt of the finance. Remember, the valuation method you choose will affect your ownership percentage to a huge degree. You must therefore make the right decision.  

3. Key metrics 

You must know what key metrics you must focus on for succeeding in your business. In fact, any startup must focus on key metrics such as the recurring revenue they expect every month, Churn, cost of acquisition of every campaign, average revenue on per-customer basis and the life-time value. Though most of the metrics are easy to understand, you must know what churn is. Churn helps in measuring monthly percentage of customers who may leave you. Similarly, cost of acquisition of every campaign helps you in tracking the cost involved in getting every customer. 

4. CEO's financial dashboard

You are the CEO of the startup and so, your dashboard should necessarily display all the important KPIs, metrics, as well as the charts so you can make your decisions quickly and efficiently. Of course, professionals like MR. OLEKSIY NESTERENKO can help you in setting up the dashboard.

5. Employing freelancers

Now that your company is up and running, you need the services of efficient employees. But nowadays, it makes good economic sense to employ freelancers than recruiting permanent staff. Using the services of freelance workers provides you with a lot of flexibility. For short-term tasks, you can opt for what is known as the "Gig Economy" and engage the services of independent workers.

6. Setting goals

Your business will succeed only if you set suitable goals. But be certain that your goals are realistic. If you set goals that are unachievable, chances of you getting frustrated and demotivated are high when you are not able to achieve them. 

7. Distribution channels

You are now ready to commercialize your software services. But you must now decide how your products should reach your targeted customers. This means you must determine the distribution channels. For making the most appropriate decision, you are advised to consult experts like Mr. OLEKSIY NESTERENKO

In short, with the help of professionals, you can make informed decisions and take your startup towards success.

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Fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks for any company no matter if it is newly established or has been in operations for years and years. But unfortunately, comparatively young companies suffer more when it comes to fund raising. 
There could be many reasons why young companies suffer more when it comes to fundraising and if the young companies detect these problems, they could also raise huge funds without any hassle and worries or they could hire professional help for it as well. There are several options that could help young companies collect more funds faster.


Some reasons or problems that are holding you back from collecting more funds faster could be: your campaign is not strong enough meaning that the donators do not feel the connection between you and your campaign, which is very important because people usually donate only when they feel that they can relate to the campaign or in other words if the campaign touches the donator’s heart, he/she will donate, so it is important for the campaign to be strong; 


Secondly, the campaign should have the pull factor, which is though similar to the previous point but in a way it is different, like if the message is strong enough, the people are able to relate to it, they are touched by it, but they still don’t feel that they should necessarily donate for it, then they will not - though they would be supporting it fully; 
Thirdly, the campaign should not be repetitive, the donators always look for something new so maybe you should add people’s testimonial or something else like that to make it more exciting, yet more convincing.


There could be several more factors as well like maybe the fundraising campaign is over or underestimated both over and underestimation could be very harmful. If the campaign is underestimated you may lose a lot of potential donations, and if it is or estimated, the campaign may not be promoted to the level it should be, so the whole campaign would be a complete waste.

Like such, they are many more factors that could become a challenge for young companies when it comes to fundraising. But, these problems could also be avoided by getting professional help. Oleksiy Nesterenko is a highly-experience and a highly-qualified business professional, who has helped thousands of companies in resolving major business problems. So, he could be a perfect person to hire for managing your fundraising activity andto help you produces maximum results.

Mr. Oleksiy Nesterenko, “Best thing is to never need to raise money. But if you do, I will help you size your round required to get to an accretive milestone and find appropriate sources of capital”.


Home-based business startups are easy to establish when the right plan is in place. When starting your own home-based business, there are some things needed for consideration before you indulge yourself.
Lots of individuals start their own home-based business for varied reasons. You need to have a clearer picture of what business you want to do in order for it to become profitable. Your reason should be big and emotional enough for you to have the power to stay until your business startups become lucrative.


There are lots of opportunities that are available for business startups on the market like franchise startups, online businesses, network marketing or MLM or even those specialty niches where you're passionate about.

Most people believe that network marketing is well-known due to being one of the low cost business startups but with huge payout in the future. Every individual will have varied decision on which business niches they are going to indulge themselves. They will decide depending on the personality type and the financial aspect of business startups.


Keep in mind that before you take the plunge, you have to be well-equipped with the knowledge about business. You should also be good in selling and marketing of products and services. You have to know your goals especially during the first 12 months of the home-based business.

Lots of people do not realize that they can't generate more income if they stay in their level of thinking and is afraid to take new steps. You have to give up your job for example if you want your home-based business to succeed as you need to be hands-on in managing it for better and positive results. Sacrifice is an important element for success, and whatever you have given up will return to you more than to that you have sacrificed.


Lots of people who are into home-based business industry such as network marketing do not take their ventures seriously. They think that a business will succeed using the initial investment but in reality, profitable businesses are those that are seriously managed.

When things get rough in business startups, most of the people behind these businesses bail out and retreat without even trying to survive. If you want to start your own home-based business, you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario as there will come difficult times, and most businesses even the industry giants are not immune to it.


Further you can hire Oleksiy Nesterenko Starup Finance a startup consultancy to hold your hand as you enter into this new world of success and achievement. Allow us to advise you and to assist you every step of the way. We'll get you up on your feet and operating in the most effective way, as soon as possible. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance and Consulting Services is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions.



The term emerging markets, is used to describe investing into the markets of developing economies of the second and third world. The idea being, an investment in the industry of a country such as Russia today, will yield great returns for that investment tomorrow.


The emerging market is a long term investment. Investing in it today is unlikely to give a profitable return in a short time, but over the long term the potential is great. The emerging market has been likened to America in the 1920s. An investment in the U.S at that time would have seen magnificent return over forty years. In the short term, prices would have dropped through the floor due to the recession.


The key focus on any investment in the market of emerging economies should be long term.


Countries which are tipped to do well in the emerging market at the time of writing are China, Russia, and Brazil, together with countries in Africa and Asia. Many of these states are open to a change of thinking for a plethora of reasons, and subsequently the risk is high for investment. If financial predictions are right, China will overtake America as having the strongest economy in the world.


There are a number of financial companies that are in a good position to give general guidance on this kind of investment, and unless you are extremely confident at handling investments of this type, it is advisable you speak to someone with some knowledge on the subject.


Many financial industry experts believe an emerging market investment should only comprise one part of a financial portfolio. Other investments in different fields will help to migrate and offset the risk of investments in emerging economies.


Arguably, the first step in investing in the emerging market is to find a good financial investment company. Many people tend to look for financial advisors and banks in the first instance, and though is a sound approach it often results in many decisions which can be undertaken by the investor being undertaken by the experts, which all has to be paid for.


Some financial investment companies will take a more hands off approach which in turn leads to cost savings for the investor, and provides an element of control which is something the bigger financial institutions do not provide. Companies which value the investor having as much control as possible will only step in when they are needed to offer advice on important decisions. When asking the question what are the emerging markets? Companies of this type are the ones to ask for an answer.


Still not convinced ask Oleksiy Nesterenko a business startup consultant. Mr. Nesterenko is offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.

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Business startup can be a very complicated process, if you do not have a proper plan and a step by step approach. The first thing you need is a proper business plan which will give direction to your business and will help your business to survive in the long run. Without having a proper approach, business startup can be a very challenging process. There are many points which are necessary for you to consider while making a plan for your business.

First and foremost, the thing which will be first known to the audience will be the name of your company. The name of the company should be short, likeable and something that is not hard for any person to recall. Other than the name, setting your goal is another point which is necessary to include in your plan.


According to Oleksiy Nesterenko setting your goals will direct your business in the right direction. It is very necessary for you to know the business resources which will be required to achieve your business goals. You should have a clear vision of what you are doing and why you are doing. A little blur in your vision can lead to a wrong step, and a wrong step in business clearly means loss.

Business resources are the necessary things which will help your business in achieving the goals. Without them, the working of your business can come to a standstill. The next thing which should include in your business plan while your business starts up is the budget for marketing.


Marketing is a very important tool which is very necessary for any company to use if it wants to enjoy greater sales. With so much of companies present in the market, it is very necessary for your company to have a proper marketing plan, if you want your company to stand a chance of surviving.

It is very necessary for a company to have an efficient marketing plan which will help the company to attract new customers and increase the sales. Marketing plan includes the various tools that are used in the marketing campaigns of the company. It is very essential for a company to have a well-defined marketing plan if it wants to run its marketing campaign in an efficient way.


Looking for someone who can assist you in developing your small business or startup then consult Oleksiy Nesterenko, allow Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consulting to hold your hand as you enter into this new world of success and achievement and get the financial and strategic insight to enables your small business or startup to thrive.

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First a caveat ...emerging markets is a catch-all phrase to describe developing countries. It was coined by Antoine van Agtmael in the early 1980's to replace the more negative term "third world country." It is supposed to designate those countries in a transitional phase between developing and developed status.

But here's the rub...China is considered an emerging market. But a significant area of the country, specifically the 800 million or so people in rural towns and villages, would truly be considered an "emerging market."


A company therefore needs a multi-tiered approach when targeting their product, market and business development strategies within an emerging market country, especially larger markets like the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

With that caveat aside, any approach to growing a business in an emerging market country needs to consider these 10 guiding principles underlined by Oleksiy Nesterenko (A Startup Consultant Professional) when introducing new products or competing against established players.


1. Engage the government early. Hire ex-politicians, lobbyists or government consultants who already have contacts in key ministries.

2. Develop your channel and distribution strategy, picking a few partners initially and scaling out over time.

3. Find critical, complementary partners to co-brand/co-market to increase scale.

4. Localize marketing campaigns and where possible tap into national pride.

5. Start brand-building early and focus on creating "aspirational" brands.

6. Offer affordable pricing ... customers are more price-conscious, but will pay more for aspirational brands.

7. Invest in local labs and/or R&D centers ... this can be key for increased government support.

8. Evaluate alternative business models for packaging, selling, distributing, financing and servicing your products and services. What works in developed markets (e.g. Dell's direct-model) does not necessarily work in emerging markets (e.g. retail PC stores prevail).

9. Products sold in mature markets need to be evaluated and modified as needed. Setup a feedback/research mechanism for field and local-on-the-ground personnel to communicate with product divisions.

10. Start and think small initially. Do a pilot. Incubate. Experiment in defined regions and/or segments. Begin strategizing ways to scale initial offerings.


Oleksiy Nesterenko is a Director and Co-founder of Afenest Advisory. He is involved in origination and execution of transactions for companies and their stakeholders with a specific focus on Technology sector. Oleksiy Nesterenko has over 9 years of investment banking and advisory experience including advising startup firms and multinational corporations on merger and acquisition strategies and execution, and complex financings.

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The internet has made starting a business from the comfort of your own home more possible now than ever before. Although there is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur, it is common knowledge that the outcome of starting a venture is very rewarding. The most difficult part is actually getting started. Some people have business ideas that never leave their notebook. Others just want to own a business but don't know where to start.

In the excitement of starting a business, there are several steps that you don’t want to skip; here are some of them suggested by Oleksiy Nesterenko for his clients:


- Registering your business entity (LLC Or Corporation). While you can do business as a sole proprietor, registering your business entity with your state provides a legal separation of your personal assets and your business assets. This can be important if your business is ever sued — your personal savings and other assets are protected.


- Getting your business license, sales tax permit, and other governmental permits and licenses. Many people skip this step because they don’t want to pay for the license or don’t know where to go. We have state-by-state business startup resources available on our website. If you start your business without the proper licenses and permits, when you are caught or finally go in to register, you will be liable for penalties in addition to the cost of a license.


- Filing your income taxes correctly. Even if you have a small profit the first year (or a loss), you should include the correct amounts on your income taxes (corporate, if you are a corporation; personal, if you are an LLC). Again, when it finally catches up to you, you will be liable for penalties and interest (not to mention the extra services your accountant will charge you for.)


- Complying with labor and safety laws. Each state has different requirements for workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance taxes, and other wage and hour laws. Before you hire your first employee, be sure you understand the requirements of your state AND plan to meet them. Our Employer’s Manual is a great way to plan for hiring your first employees.


Without a doubt, starting a business is one of the most exciting and busiest times of your life. Don’t skip these important steps when you are starting your business.

If need any help, contact Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance +1 (310) 710 4248

We'll get you up on your feet and operating in the most effective way, as soon as possible. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance and Consulting Services is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions.

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As the name suggests, angel investors are those who provide capital to new ventures and help entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams. In return for their investment, there are several ways in which they can be repaid; the most popular being part ownership or interest on their capital. According to Oleksiy Nesterenko, these rich people are the key for several startups that have risen to become big business ventures and you can know all about the phenomenon on the website.


When it comes to startup, he is one of the best people you can turn to advice for. With vast experience in helping entrepreneurs design financial and marketing strategies, he has been able to get some of the best results when it comes to ROI. Angel investors have been described in detail by him and in the following lines, let us look at a few aspects according to his words.


Benefits of having angel investors

Having a viable idea is not enough for any entrepreneur to attain success. There is a need for substantial capital in order to realize the idea. At the startup stage, taking the help of angel investors in begetting the funds is one of the better known ideas. These affluent people part with portions of their money to help setup your business and you can choose the amount of money that you may take from each one of them.

Oleksiy Nesterenko says that the terms and conditions of the investment can be customized according to the business type and size. In case you need help in the same, you can use his services for creating an agreement that works for all parties involved.

The fact that there is no need for any collateral in such situations is another advantage. These people believe in your business plan and invest their money to see it grow in the stipulated time period. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have the best marketing and financial plans in place.



The number of angel investors that you wish to approach depends on your requirement. According to Oleksiy Nesterenko, as long as the terms are transparent and they are aware of any decisions that are taken with regards to the products and services, this is one of the most popular methods of begetting funds. There are many other aspects which Mr. Nesterenko has expertise in and the same can be checked at the website


Many entrepreneurs have a tough time in getting started and it is a lack of proper financial planning that results in a failed endeavor. There are many business persons who believe in having the best strategies at the time of start up in order to increase the ROI in the long run. All of you who are looking for help in this regard can consider the financial advice provided by Oleksiy Nesterenko. Though he is a strategist based in Los Angeles, he has helped people from across the world in starting up their businesses with his effective ideas.


What makes him different from other financial advisors is his ability to adapt to any business ideas. He has worked with several big companies in his tenure and seen the markets of 5 different countries. With his experience, he is able to identify the potential of a business plan and ensure that it is accessible to the target audience from the initial stage. Another important aspect is having ideal relations with your investors.


In the following lines, Oleksiy Nesterenko explains the how the same can be achieved.

Trust – For any business to prosper there is a need for investors to trust your idea. For them to invest money in your endeavor, they will have to be given all the right reasons. You will need to be truthful about your strategy and how to plan to manage your operations at all times in order to earn the same.

Transparency – Regular communication is a must. You will need to set up meetings with all of them and advice them of the current situations. Any future changes that you plan to incorporate need to be discussed with them so that it does not come as a surprise to them.


Organizational changes – If there are major changes in the organizational chart that can affect the functioning of the business as a whole, the same needs to be discussed with the stakeholders and their inputs gathered as well.




Oleksiy Nesterenko believes that if the existing investors are happy with you, there are chances that they will get new ones as well. This will help you further in your growth and create better opportunities for your endeavor. If you are in the lookout for all such strategies and much more, contact him and we are sure you will attain success. Check the reviews of his clients for more details. 

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Small businesses are popping up in record numbers due to a growing realisation that running a business is probably the only way to financial freedom. Financial gain from desk jobs are simply not keeping up with inflation and the devaluation of money, and is usually subject to the whims of a select few on top. However, according to Bloomberg, a whopping 80% of entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months. To become a successful entrepreneur, you must have an attitude of learning from mistakes - hopefully, someone else's. And if this is the case, it follows that volumes of lessons can be drawn by the unfortunate 80%.


Here are our top 5 of them by Oleksiy Nesterenko:

1. Lack of capital

As the saying goes, "it takes money to make money." Differences between capitalists and entrepreneurs notwithstanding, the latter would do well to do a fair amount of study as to just how much money you need to give yourself a fighting chance to make it to a break even point. Don't be fooled by a few exceptions - getting to said point could easily be two years down the road, probably as many as five. In the meantime, is your estimated capital enough to keep the business running? Does it cover all possible expenses? Is it enough to keep you fed and sheltered for that timeframe, even?


2. "What we have here is a failure to communicate"

This is a potentially huge problem in two ways.

The first problem is not being on the same page as your customers. "The customer is always right," and if you don't know what your customers are right about, chances are, you'll be wrong. This is especially true in the modern world, where you have all the tools in social media to actually have deep and meaningful dialogues with each and every customer. This has also evolved the consumer base to demand nothing less than complete honesty and sincerity in all business dealings and marketing campaigns. If you're in it for the money instead of for the customers, you'll quickly be found out and torn down brick by perfidious brick. Speaking of which...


3. You're in it for the wrong reasons

If you're starting a business for reasons such as making a ton of money and not answering to any boss, you might be better off making minimum wage and getting shouted at by the COO (child of the owner). Valid reasons for starting your own business include a passion for the product and service you aim to provide; dedication and perseverance to weather any challenges; a highly independent streak; and, as touched upon earlier, a sincere love for your customers, marked by honesty and integrity.


4. Poor management compiled research from Entrepreneur Weekly, the Small Business Development Center, Bradley University, and the University of Tennessee. It was found that the number one major cause of failure is (drum roll please), "incompetence," which made up 46% of all failures. "Specific Pitfalls" enumerated were emotional pricing, living too high for the business, non-payment of taxes, no knowledge of pricing, lack of planning, no knowledge of financing, and problems with record-keeping. Google it, or better yet, ask for expert advice from established businesses in your area.


Networking with other businesses in the area can also greatly help in other ways. You can help market each other's products, even if in the same line of business. For example, if you own a burger joint and befriend a pizza place, you can give out each other's flyers and suggest each other to your own customers. No sane person will eat either burgers or pizza every single day anyway, so there's no real reason to compete with each other. People tend to go after sincerity in the small businesses they patronise, which is directly linked to a propensity to support local homegrown businesses that foster a sense of solid community and friendship.


5. No effective online presence

This is simply a mistake in today's world. Period

Not convinced? Here are some quick stats:


- 77% of the population are internet users

- E-commerce sales were $165.4 billion in 2010 alone, which is expected to significantly increase each year and has increased too...


At the very minimum, you should have a site with all the usual information a customer may want to know. However, expand to social media and networking with other businesses, and watch your business explode.


If you still have doubts consult Oleksiy Nesterenko (A Professional Startup Business Consultant) to get you up on your feet and operating in the most effective way, as soon as possible. Call him at +1 (310) 710 4248

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Small business success is easy but certainly not simple. Turn your passion into small business profits. Many business owners experience Small Business Success. Even though the world is experiencing economic difficulty, business growth is rampant. If you need help to achieve business success or any kind of business consulting you can turn to Oleksiy Nesterenko startup consulting.

What is it that an individual can do to achieve lasting success in their small business? Here are a few ideas by Oleksiy Nesterenko to improve your chances of gaining small business success using time tested secrets I personally use in my own business.


1. Research. You can either market the product you have now in the hope of it being acceptable to the market place or you can research the market for the best product to sell.  At any rate market research has to happen first and once done, marketing is a continual through the life of your business.


2. Cash Flow. Lack of cash flow is a major reason for business failure. It’s OK to gain sales and make money but if you don’t or can’t collect it you are destined to go broke. The rule to keep in mind is to make sure you invoice as soon as possible and you pay as late as possible. This is a simple plan that works. So sit down, and take the time to create a cash flow plan now.


3. Technology. Technology will save you thousands of dollars and halve your work time. Buy as much as you can afford. Remember, the hours spent in your business are worth money and plenty of it so be smart and embrace technology. Technology can automate every part of your business including communicating with customers.


4. Passion. There is nothing worse than going to work and becoming a clock watcher because you are unhappy. Find something you are passionate about and do that. The day won’t be long enough then to do all you want to accomplish. Why? Your passion creates enthusiasm and that will carry you through any tough spells.  It’ll motivate you when your business hits bad times.


5. Marketing. The prime function for you as a business person is not to sell product but to become a marketing Guru. Marketing is one of the areas where many business owners fall down and that has a bearing on whether or not a business will be successful. You love your business and you want it to be successful. Do research and find out how are you will convince prospects to buy what you have?


6. Advice.  You may think you are pretty smart. You may have specific knowledge about your specialty which is great, but you will come unstuck if you haven’t run a successful business before. You must still seek advice from experts when building your business. The reason is business is not about what you know in your field. It’s controlled by legislation, consumer rights and marketing. Get advice from solicitors and learn about customer service from experts. Being prudent in this area will help eliminate any start-up mistakes and set you ahead of your competition.


7. Delegation. When you own a small business you have to wear many hats. You are the CEO, GM, admin manager, customer service manager, research and development person, sales and marketing manager and everything else. It’s not practical to manage your business this way and hope to grow at the same time. Delegating responsibilities and tasks is an important component of running an efficient and successful business. As the business owner your time should be spent growing the business, working on the business, not in it.


8. Internet. We are not talking about using the Internet to sell your product or service [even though it is often used for this] but rather use it for research, communication making payments to save time. Use the internet to gain more for your business to save time and money for business building tools and the latest resources.


Allow Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consulting to hold your hand as you enter into this new world of success and achievement. Allow us to advise you and to assist you every step of the way. We'll get you up on your feet and operating in the most effective way, as soon as possible. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance and Consulting Services is qualified and equipped to assess your business and all of its needs before you have to make any important decisions.

Learn more please click here


All new business ideas have to be encouraged because they have the potential to make a difference to the society, industry and country’s economy. That’s something Oleksiy Nesterenko, a finance and strategy consultant for startups and early stage companies believes in. He also understands that young entrepreneurs and their dreams need to be harnessed to ensure that the industry grows on the whole. With the help of his consultancy services he manages to do that, offering clients cutting edge advantage through important lessons like why a solid team can make a huge difference to a young company.


Oleksiy Nesterenko is a professional who has lived in five countries and worked in different industries. He has almost a decade’s experience, which includes stints with several big names. He has already worked with clients in various fields and ensured that they have done the right thing for their new businesses at their right time. Clearly he knows what he is talking about and his wide range of services have smart solutions for clients. Now he is also making them realize why a strong team is crucial to the success of a young company.


You rely on your team members

As a new entrepreneur you have a lot on your plate and starting a business can be all consuming. The importance of delegating different tasks to the right people cannot be overemphasized. But you can’t do that unless you have a strong team that understands its responsibilities to the fullest. A solid team will also be in a position to take the initiative and step up their games when your company needs it the most. You will also be pleased to find that these team members will collaborate comfortably and make sure that your company functions are carried out effectively.


Coaching options by the expert

So what happens with new companies that have already launched their products in the market? Customers love the products and startups have to scale up accordingly. However if there are some issues along the way then coaching services from an expert like Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Consultancy can come to clients’ rescue. Given his experience he can bring his best to the table and ensure that the problems are ironed out. A solid team can also take valuable suggestions on board and is in a better position to implement them for your company.

Thus with the right guidance you can harness the true potential of a strong team to the fullest.

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Yes! It is, in fact the best way to make your career and grow step by step. A business consultant can be termed as a professional who provides guidance and advices when it comes to setting up a business. Ranging from start to finish and management to operation, a business consultant supports during the each phase of the business.


To find the answer of this question, read the below mentioned points:

A consultant can help and assist the business owner by advising how to reach the desired goal. Setting a goal and following it throughout the process is important, otherwise any business owner may end up having loss only. To follow the right path, various kinds of objective and analytical tools can be used.

Since you cannot run a whole business by your own, thereby you need staff or employees who can work as per your instructions. However, during the initial phase finding the right candidates can be a daunting task, therefore a consultant can do the required tasks for you.


Before starting up a business, market analysis is very important. It will help you to find out where you can start from and what things you need to take care of. This may sound very easy; however reality can be the exact opposite if you don’t know where to start and how to start. Thus, an experienced consultant can help you in this as he is knowledgeable person and know the business market more closely.


After knowing what a business consultant can do, next is where to find the best one for your business?

Since it is about your business, you cannot rely on anyone. You should do proper research first and then choose the best one. No doubt you can take suggestions and advices, however choose a one depending on your needs and interest. The best place to look for a business consultant is the internet. It is so because many of the high reputed bodies have their online presence over the web. Therefore, you can go online and check for the necessary factors which are needed for your business.


A proper investment in a business consultant will definitely give you high returns as an experienced professional will always remain alongside you. So choose the best one and get set ready to shine in the corporate world.


OLEKSIY NESTERENKO STARTUP FINANCE is a finance and strategy consultancy firm serving entrepreneurs and early stage companies. The Company provides full suite of corporate finance, business strategy, and operational finance services. Offered services include fundraising, financial modeling, business plan development, analytics, budgeting, investor relations among others. OLEKSIY NESTERENKO. STARTUP FINANCE is based in Los Angeles, CA, but serves clients globally.


SPECIALTIES: Startups, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, business plan development, business valuation and analysis, capital raising, corporate development, M&A, acquisition tactics and strategy, and emerging markets expertise.

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Entrepreneurs normally find it easy to build a product and better ones will find it easy to satisfy the first critical customers. But taking the business to next level is not everyone’s cup of tea. As everyone does not possess the level of discipline and skill essential to gather and evaluate the relevant business data, called as metrics.

Oleksiy Nesterenko, possess the expertise to help you with the operational finance of your business. He will not only help you in understanding the unit economics of your business but can also provide an analysis of the key metrics for your business like Pricing, Lifetime Value, Cost per Acquisition, Contribution Margin, and Growth Sensitivity.


Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized company or large multi-national company, Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance is at you service.

You must remember that most of businesses fail due to defect in the financial structure of their company, including keeping poor accounting records. So, if you don’t have the understanding of the key financial matrics, then monitoring your business health is not possible.


Hence, it’s very important to understand the implications of the key matrics on your business health and it is equally important to monitor the performance of these metrics on an ongoing basis. This can result in better decision making and planning for the future.

Though, there are a number of metrics that every business owner should know, including cash flow, accounts payable, accounts receivable, direct costs, operating margin, net profit, and cash burn rate. But for the person with non-finance background, all these seem to be very difficult. He is on a blink and need serious assistance, so as to survive in the business.


As a start-up you must concentrate on the highest quality of your products and services and ensure that it reach maximum customers possible and leave rest of the things you don’t have knowledge of in the hands of the professionals.

Oleksiy Nesterenko is one of the best in the industry who is an excellent Financial Consultant with strong analytical and quantitative skills with strong technical knowledge. He is a CA based in Los Angeles and a customer base in every part of the work.

Don’t give a second thought just contact Oleksiy Nesterenko and get the maximum benefits of his services and rest assured about his performance and avail this entire at the most competitive price. 

Learn more please visit:


Companies still find it difficult to design a solid business plan. So, they tend to ignore developing it, which is the biggest mistake companies nowadays commit and because of this mistake they are not able to achieve the success and growth rate that they always wished for.


Writing a solid business plan is indeed a hefty job, but now with professionals like Oleksiy Nesterenko this job has become a piece of cake for business. Experienced cooperate personnel and entrepreneur; Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance helps his clients to write a solid business plan. His business plans have helped hundreds of businesses to grow successfully and they faced a lot less difficulties sustaining in the industry – as compared to other business who neglected the essential element ‘business plan’ or they made an unfit plan which did not come up to the mark.


As stated by business expert, Oleksiy Nesterenko, “Large number of businesses does not succeed simply because they fail to plan. I will help you identify market opportunities, reduce risk, and develop a roadmap for your business, based on financial and economic analysis. For years, I have been assisting entrepreneurs and early stage companies to cope with various challenges in their businesses, and have a reputation for providing candid, well-thought-out, and effective solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of complexity”.


A solid business plan is helpful in testing out new ideas, developing a clear vision and mission statement, developing benchmarks for analyzing a company’s performance, recognizing and analyzing company’s SWOT, recognizing the actual target customers and company’s potential competitors, developing strategies to achieve company’s goals and objectives, comprehensively defining products and services of the company, and analyzing company’s revenues, costs, and projected profits. In short, a business plan is a pathway to the company’s success and it is a perfect handbook for employees, suppliers, vendors, lenders, and others - that perfectly introduces the company to them.


So, having a solid business plan constructed by a professional like Oleksiy Nesterenko, is highly important and necessary, if a company wants to grow successfully and sustain in the industry for years to come.



Oleksiy Nesterenko is a highly experienced and qualified business professional. He is an MBA in Finance and Strategy from INSEAD. He nearly a decade experience in technology investment banking and startup financial advisory, and he is currently a successful entrepreneur himself. He offers top quality financial guidance and advice to help his clients manage their business finances and growth plans more effectively. For more information, please go to


Working as your financial planner Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance provides effective guidance to their clients to save money, invest the savings so as to ensure its growth. They will be able to advise the clients regarding any monetary matters like how to mobilize finance and buy a house, how to evaluate the assets etc. These professionals are specialized in providing retirement advice to their clients while others have expertise in estate planning. They serve as consultants for a wide range of monetary matters. Those who want to hire a financial adviser Oleksiy Nesterenko suggests for them to must confirm that then incumbent is licensed as well as regulated. There must be a clear understanding regarding the service charges to be paid to the advisor. The customers should not confuse them with accountants, insurance agents and stock brokers. The insurance agent will only encourage buying insurance policies and accountant can only assist the client in the auditing process. CFPs are the best qualification for the professional advisor and CFPs are expected to attend periodic classes on monetary matters and ethics in order to maintain their certification.


The financial planners can have two types of income. When their client buys or sells stocks or makes any investment they earn commission for the same. The other type of income is in the form of service charges per hour or flat rates for the service they provide. It is advisable to avoid those who earn commission on investments by the client since their advice to the client may be based on selfish motives. The more number of the advisors earn through the service charges they receive from their clients. They are paid either a flat fee, or per hour or a fixed fee for a particular financial plan or an annual consulting fee at a fixed rate. Those who are leaders in their field may prefer to have only big clients. It is advisable for an individual investor to have a middle level advisor who has sufficient time to devote for his client and wants to grow in his profession along with his client.


Those who assist their clients in various financial matters like Oleksiy Nesterenko also provide them the best retirement advice so that clients will have a comfortable retirement for them. They must make their clients to save and invest as much as possible in proper way so that they can have a secured and peaceful retired life. The financial advisors have always a higher place when compared to investment advisor, charted accountant and the debt counsellor. The successful financial counsellor will be able to take into account all aspects related to the client's financial situation.

Mr. Nesterenko is a seasoned finance and business development professional, offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.


Specialties: Startups, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, business plan development, business valuation and analysis, capital raising, corporate development, M&A, acquisition tactics and strategy, and emerging markets expertise.

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Earliest uses of the word “gig” can be traced back to the 1920s and referred to the work of musicians performing in jazz clubs. Since then, definition of the word “gig” was broadened and has come to include all types of short-term engagements completed by independent workers (or freelancers). And now these “gig” workers are redefining the business world as we know it.

In the past decade, largely due to advances in technology, we have witnessed a gradual shift in social and business environment towards “gig economy”, whereas more and more people are working independently in lieu of traditional full-time jobs with a single employer. Recent study (“Freelancing in America: 2015”) found that freelancers have become a critical sector of the US Labor Force with nearly 54 million Americans, more than one-third of all US workers, partaking in freelance work in the past year. And that number is only expected to grow. Study conducted by Intuit predicted that by 2020 over 40% of American workers would be freelancers.

As increasingly more people are choosing to work project-to-project and gig-to-gig instead of working 9-5, majority of freelancers indicate improved work-life balance, in particular greater freedom and increased flexibility, as the key decision driver. Per study, nearly 70% of freelancers noted that freelancing provided the opportunity to work from anywhere, and more than one-third were able to move thanks to the flexibility freelancing offers. Additionally, switching to “gigging” did not hinder their earning ability and proved to be financially sound decision. Over 60% of freelancers, who left traditional full-time jobs, stated that they earned more doing “gigs”.

Business owners are also starting to see a range of benefits that “gig” workers bring to the table. First of all, freelancers are experts in their respective fields and have portfolios and referrals to support their work. Be it a web developer, a copy writer, or a business consultant, freelancers are seasoned professionals and provide the exact right skills at the exact right time you need them. Additionally, businesses no longer need to be confined by their geographies and can bring in the best talent from anywhere in the world. Finally, freelancers can help businesses save money. Regardless of the size of the business, bringing in a freelancer is practically always a more affordable option than hiring a full-time employee, as businesses are able to save on office space, training, benefits, and taxes.


About the author:

Oleksiy Nesterenko is a finance and strategy consultant for entrepreneurs and early stage companies. Prior to founding his advisory firm OLEKSIY NESTERENKO. STARTUP FINANCE (, Oleksiy spent most of his career in investment banking, focusing on technology companies in the USA, Europe, and CIS countries.

Mr. Nesterenko holds an MBA degree from INSEAD business school and BA degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Business/Economics from UCLA.

Learn more about Mr. Nesterenko please click here


Why entrepreneurs launch real estate shouldn’t related startups, and is wholesaling properties a much smarter move?

New tech startups seem to be popping every few nano-seconds these days. There is no question that this is an awesome time to start a new business. Capital is pretty easy to come by, Americans are bullish on the future, private individuals are willing to bet on the future, technology has made kicking off a new venture a breeze, and real estate has been booming. However, this doesn't automatically mean that a new real estate related tech startup is a wise or profitable move right now.

While this has become an increasingly popular trend, it is exactly this popularity which also makes it less profitable for those attempting it now. There are a number of reasons to stop and rethink if this is the best path.


The first and most common issue is that it has already been done. Far too few of those contemplating a tech related real estate startp fail to do any thorough market research. If they did most would find that their 'revolutionary' idea has already been done a dozen times.


This is definitely true of most search related startups. Then there are they truly delusional that are thinking of setting up 'new' real estate portals for 'unlisted' properties. Obviously, once it's online it isn't really 'off-market' anymore right!

The second major consideration according Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance should be money. While the internet is saturated with get rich quick advice for setting up a website and making a mint tomorrow; that's a rarity in reality. Most have no idea what it will really cost to build a seriously competitive website and promote it. Just remember you will be competing against startups that have received millions in venture capital funding from the likes of Google, and who aren't under any pressure to make money fast. So if you don't have bigger pockets or need to turn a profit sometime soon there may be a better approach.

Case Study of Oleksiy Nesterenko Starup Finance

Oleksiy Nesterenko worked as an Acting CFO at a real estate startup


Recently established real estate development startup was seeking to fill a role of a CFO to head the company’s finance and investment functions, yet on affordable terms.


Aware of the need to have effective financial management and investment procedures, the client wanted an immediately available experienced and professional expert. Yet the company had to be cost conscious at this early stage of their development.

Oleksiy Nesterenko’s role:

Developed capital structure of the company and its investment strategy

Led acquisition and subsequent sale of a distressed real estate asset in regional Russia

Provided comprehensive financial analysis for acquisition of a development site with the view to develop retail centre, and liaised with equity partners in analyzing and structuring the investment

Played a key role in financial planning and structuring of sale of a strategic stake in the company



The client realized that the finance department could be handled just as efficiently through an outsourcing solution, and benefited from having expert help on affordable terms.

Oleksiy Nesterenko is a co-founder of Afenest Advisory, a financial advisory firm that provides guidance to clients in areas of corporate finance, business strategy and M&A and has setup OLEKSIY NESTERENKO STARTUP FINANCE consultancy that provides the needed financial and strategic insight that enables businesses to thrive.

Visit him today at and get the professional services for your business growth.


There are as many facets to running a business and things for its owners and managers to consider, as there are types of businesses out there in existence itself.

The mere fact that there is no single set of guidelines which can ensure success when starting up a new business from scratch is one of the very reasons which draw so many people to attempt to set up on their own.


Such people love the idea of a challenge, and often feel they have reached a stage in their career in working for someone else that they are just not getting it. So they attempt to take what they have learned from working for others, and have the laudable aim of creating a business which does things better than - or at least markedly differently from - the others in the same field which they have encountered.


One aspect of setting up a business, and in particular one which will involve those working for it in having regular contact with large numbers of people is the question of how that business sets about making a good impression among these people.

After all, they are probably exposed to hundreds, possibly thousands of companies every day, all aiming to sell them some sort of product or service - and the ones which they opt to buy from will be those which make them feel good about dealing with them, and the particular products or service that they get.


So one of the primary questions which those in charge of a fledgling business needs to answer is, how are we going to set about creating that good impression?

And in a customer-facing environment, one of the most effective ways of doing this is by ensuring that all staff are kitted out not just appropriately for the job they do, but also in a way which looks professional and leaves the customer with a feeling that they have a pride in what they do.

This is why so many large businesses have for many years had a policy of making staff wear a uniform. But in recent years, we have seen this trend filtering down among smaller companies, especially those working in, or allied to, skilled trades.

Most people realise that it would be inappropriate for a plumber to turn up at their house in a suit if they are going to be mending pipes, for example. But conversely, if they are wearing a uniform consisting of practical, durable items which clearly states who they work for, then they are likely to be more trusted to do a good job.

Oleksiy Nesterenko is a Business Development professional providing his 9 year expereince in this commerce industry. Oleksiy Nesterenko provides valuable and tactics that can really help your business to thrive.

Hire him today for the best results!!

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Between operations, merchandising, marketing and facility upkeep, retail business owners have their hands full. Managing the details of retail is the difference between making it or not. All too often, retail owners become lax in their operation and put themselves at an unnecessary disadvantage with their customers. It may seem elementary, yet so many retailers miss the little things - the details that customers notice. They miss the chance to be operational excellent.

Coming on Macro level; within today's globe leading businesses is concentrating beyond operational improvement in order to innovations over the organization. Lean 6 Sigma offers evolved from as being a tool dependent cost optimization initiative to some strategic effort that businesses are adopting to produce innovation inside their value string processes. Lean 6 Sigma as well as lean change is assisting companies in order to define operational capability inside their organization to produce competitive benefit over their own competitors.

The quest for operational excellence is really a journey which creates power to help business to set up realistic strategy better than their own competitors by concentrating on value-stream procedures, organizational techniques, organization framework, talent as well as culture. Successful organization concentrates on achieving operational excellence through creating organizational capability to learn, problem and resolve problems. Including not only the data creation, however the culture associated with knowledge discussing, benchmarking, danger taking as well as talent administration.

At delivery level operational excellence has been used through companies like a systematic management to enhance performance throughout new item development, value-stream, decreasing cost, conference customer needs, energy preserving, asset efficiency, environment administration, employee safety and health. Within the actual gamut associated with operational quality we tackle strategy deployment, continuous enhancement using six sigma as well as lean management and provide chain procedure optimization.

Oleksiy Nesterenko suggests that to achieve success in operational excellence deployment organizations need to address the actual human facet of change as well as create the best leadership behaviors inside the organization. There needs to be a powerful top lower sponsorship in order to align the actual deployment initiative using the company lifestyle.


Starting a good Operational Quality Program:

To set up Operational Quality successfully inside a cost-effective method, it is essential to start by base lining present processes as well as metrics. Our Procedures Review assesses the company infrastructure and also the performance from the key company processes, analyses the actual operational efficiency from the organization as well as identifies possible opportunities for cost savings, productivity enhancement, quality as well as service improvement. The review provides the client:

An impartial view associated with business procedures and effectiveness levels.

Identified possibilities for substantial cost decrease.

Highlights upon where customer service as well as productivity could be improved.

Validation upon all facets of operations towards strategic intention.

Identification from the operational risks to the present business.


Continue: Selecting tasks for quick results:

The actual Operations Evaluation will determine key places requiring operational and procedure improvement. Companies will move ahead by completing an in depth breakdown associated with specific measures and projects to provide the financial savings and effectiveness gains. The described improvement projects try to be thin enough to enable them to be finished within 6 in order to 12 several weeks (and frequently much less), and hence have the ability to demonstrate earlier success to all of those other business.

Summary of the overall Deployment Providers:

•Operations Technique Development
•Change Administration Strategy Improvement
•Operational Quality Deployment Technique and Execution
•Operational Quality Training Technique, Design as well as Delivery
•Operational Quality Implementation Preparing and Delivery
•Operational Quality Program Administration
•Operational Company Reviews or Operations Research
•Business as well as Operations base lining
•Detailed Procedure and Value-Stream Mapping
•Operational Enhancement and Price Reduction Id
•Business Overall performance Measurement
•Project Choice, Management as well as Execution


Oleksiy Nesterenko is a startup consultant and has delivered his services for Operational improvement of much business. Mr. Oleksiy assists clients adapt prudent financial discipline and efficient operational processes, clear up the fog with respect to their business strategy, and bring clarity and structure to their approach. Oleksiy Nesterenko keeps the buzzwords out, and help clients understand the intricacies of financial aspects of their businesses in plain, easy to understand English.

To get more info about Mr Oleksiy please visit:


Many business owners work day in and day out to build value in their companies, but few know the actual value of their enterprise.

Knowing the true value of your business is important for a number of reasons. Obviously, you need to know the value of any business you are considering buying or selling, but valuations are also needed to borrow money, take on a partner, develop or update an estate plan or gift shares of the company.

Los Angeles city, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, is the home to 22 million people and 2 million businesses. One of the largest business and commerce centers in the world. It is not a surprise that business transactions are very common and a critical upfront step in every business transaction is a business valuation. Let's look deeper into the benefits of a Business Valuation.

First, let's take a quick look at the current state of the economy. The economy has had a strong rebound from what many called "The Great Recession". The stock market is up, housing values are rising, investment and consumer confidence is growing by the day. During the recession things were tough for a lot of business owners. Many who would have liked to exit could not; they simply could not get what they deemed acceptable due to the current value determined by the business valuation of their business. Now that things have improved, valuations are looking better and more businesses are planning their exit strategy. Another trend is that of baby boomers getting older. Many baby boomers will retire, exit their business and will need a business valuation.


Why a business valuation? As a business owner who plans to exit, you must set an asking price. A business valuation justifies your asking price, while it also shows buyers that you are serious. Buyers will not offer if a certified third party business valuation has not been conducted. The only way to determine true market value is through a certified business valuation. A buyer will analyze a business valuation of business including the factors, similar sales, value drivers, etc to gain comfort and confidence in their offer. And a business valuation must be done by a third party to maintain objectivity.

What is included in a business valuation? A Business Valuation includes value drivers, industry and economic situation, calculations, financing, terms, similar sales and many more factors that impact value of a business. Many believe a simple calculation will accurately determine the worth of their business. This is completely false, there are many calculations and they vary greatly. In addition there are many things to consider that a simple calculation cannot take into consideration.

Who should you choose when obtaining a business valuation in Los Angeles? First, it all starts with confidentiality. You must choose a reputable firm like Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance whose first priority is confidentiality. Experience and track record are also critical. As mentioned before, it must be a third party to be taken serious, otherwise there is a conflict of interest.

Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance, a seasoned finance and business development professional, offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.. With involvement in number of business valuations, Oleksiy Nesterenko have the reputation, experience and know how to assist you with your business valuation in Los Angeles, CA. Well Oleksiy Nesterenko is based in Los Angeles, CA, but work with clients from every part of the world.

Specialties: Startups, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, business plan development, business valuation and analysis, capital raising, corporate development, M&A, acquisition tactics and strategy, and emerging markets expertise

For more info please visit:



Choose a Good Business Consultant like Oleksiy Nesterenko for Your Business

Today, it has become imperative for organizations to hire business consultants to constantly evaluate their performance over and over again as a slight downswing might lead to severe repercussions in the near future with the ever increasing competition.

Business consulting is a terminology associated with performance management. Business consultancy aims to find viable solutions for problems faced by business enterprises without bringing drastic changes to the existing set up. Consultants are experts in their field and thus bring to the table an unbiased view. They have extensive knowledge about strategies, means and methods to improve the performance of the company. In general sense, to optimize business operations, business consulting firms provide various advisory and counselling services.

As a business owner, you cannot afford to carry out such comprehensive research at your end. This situation appropriately calls for hiring the service of a reputed business consultancy. It is to be understood that business consulting firms are like specialized doctors who can diagnose problematic area of an industry suffering from any set back and suggest measures accordingly. Getting them on board only when there is an issue with the functioning of the firm is not advisable. Just like we get a yearly check up at the doctor we need to keep running are procedure by the consultants to optimize the firms performance.

Business consultants are hired specifically to look at company issues from a different and broader perspective. These consultants are experts in their relative fields and offer sound advice and guidance to companies as to how to proceed ahead with an issue at hand. They have no direct relation to the company and are hence outsiders working on the inside front. However, this works perfectly for the company itself. Being a third party, these consultants can see things top management may fail to see. This enables them to weigh the pros and cons of the strategy more efficiently and helps them achieve the optimal solution.


For every business niche imaginable, there are independent consulting companies available. It is important to find a business consultancy that has experience in the industry in which you operate and have provided other businesses with the services you need. Easiest way to analyze a consultants worth before opting for their services is talking to their previous clients.

Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup suggests that while hiring a consultant you should have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, and how much input you want to have; or whether you want the consultant to deliver to you a finished packaged solution. It is always a good idea to interview a few business consulting firms to get a feel of their experience level and how well they will work with you. Probably most importantly you want to deal with someone you are comfortable working with. Ensure to meet the actual person or persons who will be doing the actual job and not just any salesperson who sells you the consulting firm's service and then moves on to the next lead.

Oleksiy Nesterenko is a professional finance and business development professional for early stage companies, offering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including financial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate finance, business strategy development, and M&A.

Currently, Oleksiy works as a finance and strategy consultant providing strategic CFO/COO services to entrepreneurs and startups on an interim or consulting basis. Oleksiy Nesterenko developed superior analytical and financial modeling expertise, improved effective interpersonal and project management proficiency, and enhanced business acumen and management capabilities.



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