Having Proper Relationships with Your Investors is Vital: Oleksiy Nesterenko

Having Proper Relationships with Your Investors is Vital: Oleksiy Nesterenko
29.06.2016 14:32

Many entrepreneurs have a tough time in getting started and it is a lack of proper financial planning that results in a failed endeavor. There are many business persons who believe in having the best strategies at the time of start up in order to increase the ROI in the long run. All of you who are looking for help in this regard can consider the financial advice provided by Oleksiy Nesterenko. Though he is a strategist based in Los Angeles, he has helped people from across the world in starting up their businesses with his effective ideas.


What makes him different from other financial advisors is his ability to adapt to any business ideas. He has worked with several big companies in his tenure and seen the markets of 5 different countries. With his experience, he is able to identify the potential of a business plan and ensure that it is accessible to the target audience from the initial stage. Another important aspect is having ideal relations with your investors.


In the following lines, Oleksiy Nesterenko explains the how the same can be achieved.

Trust – For any business to prosper there is a need for investors to trust your idea. For them to invest money in your endeavor, they will have to be given all the right reasons. You will need to be truthful about your strategy and how to plan to manage your operations at all times in order to earn the same.

Transparency – Regular communication is a must. You will need to set up meetings with all of them and advice them of the current situations. Any future changes that you plan to incorporate need to be discussed with them so that it does not come as a surprise to them.


Organizational changes – If there are major changes in the organizational chart that can affect the functioning of the business as a whole, the same needs to be discussed with the stakeholders and their inputs gathered as well.




Oleksiy Nesterenko believes that if the existing investors are happy with you, there are chances that they will get new ones as well. This will help you further in your growth and create better opportunities for your endeavor. If you are in the lookout for all such strategies and much more, contact him and we are sure you will attain success. Check the reviews of his clients for more details. 

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