Oleksiy Nesterenko on Writing a Solid Business Plan

Oleksiy Nesterenko on Writing a Solid Business Plan
04.05.2016 10:37

Companies still find it difficult to design a solid business plan. So, they tend to ignore developing it, which is the biggest mistake companies nowadays commit and because of this mistake they are not able to achieve the success and growth rate that they always wished for.


Writing a solid business plan is indeed a hefty job, but now with professionals like Oleksiy Nesterenko this job has become a piece of cake for business. Experienced cooperate personnel and entrepreneur; Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup Finance helps his clients to write a solid business plan. His business plans have helped hundreds of businesses to grow successfully and they faced a lot less difficulties sustaining in the industry – as compared to other business who neglected the essential element ‘business plan’ or they made an unfit plan which did not come up to the mark.


As stated by business expert, Oleksiy Nesterenko, “Large number of businesses does not succeed simply because they fail to plan. I will help you identify market opportunities, reduce risk, and develop a roadmap for your business, based on financial and economic analysis. For years, I have been assisting entrepreneurs and early stage companies to cope with various challenges in their businesses, and have a reputation for providing candid, well-thought-out, and effective solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of complexity”.


A solid business plan is helpful in testing out new ideas, developing a clear vision and mission statement, developing benchmarks for analyzing a company’s performance, recognizing and analyzing company’s SWOT, recognizing the actual target customers and company’s potential competitors, developing strategies to achieve company’s goals and objectives, comprehensively defining products and services of the company, and analyzing company’s revenues, costs, and projected profits. In short, a business plan is a pathway to the company’s success and it is a perfect handbook for employees, suppliers, vendors, lenders, and others - that perfectly introduces the company to them.


So, having a solid business plan constructed by a professional like Oleksiy Nesterenko, is highly important and necessary, if a company wants to grow successfully and sustain in the industry for years to come.



Oleksiy Nesterenko is a highly experienced and qualified business professional. He is an MBA in Finance and Strategy from INSEAD. He nearly a decade experience in technology investment banking and startup financial advisory, and he is currently a successful entrepreneur himself. He offers top quality financial guidance and advice to help his clients manage their business finances and growth plans more effectively. For more information, please go to http://www.oleksiy-nesterenko.com/


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