Why fundraising is more challenging for young companies

Why fundraising is more challenging for young companies
25.08.2016 17:30

Fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks for any company no matter if it is newly established or has been in operations for years and years. But unfortunately, comparatively young companies suffer more when it comes to fund raising. 
There could be many reasons why young companies suffer more when it comes to fundraising and if the young companies detect these problems, they could also raise huge funds without any hassle and worries or they could hire professional help for it as well. There are several options that could help young companies collect more funds faster.


Some reasons or problems that are holding you back from collecting more funds faster could be: your campaign is not strong enough meaning that the donators do not feel the connection between you and your campaign, which is very important because people usually donate only when they feel that they can relate to the campaign or in other words if the campaign touches the donator’s heart, he/she will donate, so it is important for the campaign to be strong; 


Secondly, the campaign should have the pull factor, which is though similar to the previous point but in a way it is different, like if the message is strong enough, the people are able to relate to it, they are touched by it, but they still don’t feel that they should necessarily donate for it, then they will not - though they would be supporting it fully; 
Thirdly, the campaign should not be repetitive, the donators always look for something new so maybe you should add people’s testimonial or something else like that to make it more exciting, yet more convincing.


There could be several more factors as well like maybe the fundraising campaign is over or underestimated both over and underestimation could be very harmful. If the campaign is underestimated you may lose a lot of potential donations, and if it is or estimated, the campaign may not be promoted to the level it should be, so the whole campaign would be a complete waste.

Like such, they are many more factors that could become a challenge for young companies when it comes to fundraising. But, these problems could also be avoided by getting professional help. Oleksiy Nesterenko is a highly-experience and a highly-qualified business professional, who has helped thousands of companies in resolving major business problems. So, he could be a perfect person to hire for managing your fundraising activity andto help you produces maximum results.

Mr. Oleksiy Nesterenko, “Best thing is to never need to raise money. But if you do, I will help you size your round required to get to an accretive milestone and find appropriate sources of capital”.


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